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Modern life is not only high-tech devices, new inventions and progress in general. Our lifestyle is a big puzzle, consisting of the things and values we have. If you try to imagine the picture of our life you will see a deep, original, multi-faceted world. There are plenty of such worlds as we are all different. History of mankind changes sometimes because of a different perception. But there is one thing, which unites many people, inspires ideas and actions, relieves depression and makes us think about the meaning of it all. It is music.

Just imagine how wonderful and fascinating this phenomenon is! Music has its own long history, in which many people’s fates are determined. It has rooted not only in our everyday life, but in our souls as well. Sometimes even a very astute person cannot see the hidden grain and penetrate into the depths of the soul. That’s what music motifs can do. They reveal us from within, kindle in us the passion for changes and discoveries. Audiophiles would agree that the world changes significantly when you turn off you MP3 Player and take the headphones off. But even in these moments we have music on our minds.